The Evolution of Casino Games

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Gambling has been an entertainment sport for thousands of years. Nobody knows for sure how it started, but we’re confident that it is here to stay. What began as a “low-life,” and sometimes illegal type of recreation, evolved into the glamorous casino experience that we know and love nowadays. The global gaming market has become so big that it’s expected to reach over $500 billion by 2022. But do you ever wonder how it got so popular?

A Brief History of Casino Games

The first dice ever made was found at an excavation site in Egypt, proving that our love for gambling dates back to 2,000 BC. Ancient Egyptians entertained themselves by having their sorcerers predict the resulting numbers before throwing the dice. These gaming instruments were also prevalent in some regions of China, as well as ancient Rome.

Frenchmen are entirely responsible for the invention of cards in the 1300s. Their most popular game back in the day was called “Trente et un,” which translates to thirty-one, and consisted of attempting to accumulate cards to reach said number. This old-school French game evolved into what we currently know as blackjack or 21. The French are also responsible for the conception of roulette, which was invented by the renowned mathematician Blaise Pascal.

It wasn’t until 1638 that the very first official casino was opened in Venice, Italy. It soon became an attractive way to entertain copious amounts of very affluent visitors, reaching peak season each year during the Venice Carnival. The inauguration of this gambling house started a very prominent trend across Europe during the 18th century. Fast forward to the 1890s when an inventor called Charles Frey gifted humanity by creating the first slot machines. They were typically known as “one-arm bandits” because of their lever and reputation of holding on to the coins of unfortunate players. Ever since, slot machines became a staple for casinos worldwide, turning into one of the most beloved casino games of our time.

Monaco was the first city in the world to open its doors to modern casinos in the 1800s. These advanced gambling places were known for having a greater variety of slot machines and card games, much like the casinos that we are used to nowadays.

Casino Games Today

In more recent times, casinos have incorporated a vast selection of gambling options for the avid thrill-seekers. The most popular games in modern-day casinos include:


This well-known game has gained a lot of publicity in the past couple of decades by being featured in several TV shows and films. Poker started as a prominent game in bars and pubs across America and was quickly introduced to the trendiest casinos worldwide. As of 2020, it’s estimated that at least 4% of casino goers in the USA and the UK exclusively play this famous card game.


Another extremely appealing card-counting game for a vast majority of casino enthusiasts is the old-fashioned 21, also known as blackjack. It’s become the second most popular game globally, attracting thousands of very skilled players every year.


This old French game has no equal. It can look rather simple at first glance since it only consists of picking a number, letting the dealer spin the wheel, and hoping for a favorable result. No strategies, no elaborated plans; roulette is a game based purely on luck, which is reasonably attractive for those who don’t like games that involve a lot of effort.


The reigning sovereigns of the gaming world are, without a doubt, slot machines. Almost 60% of all casino guests love these colorful tricksters. People can spend many hours, and equally a lot of money, pulling the lever and watching the tiers spin and hoping for a favorable result.

The popularity of these casino games and the internet’s growth opened a new window of opportunity for players in every corner of the world. In 1994 the first online casino came to life, and, since then, online gaming has become one of the most profitable industries in the world.

Time to Play Online

Nowadays, there are endless gaming options online. Virtual casinos are a great way of making real cash while having a good time. Online casinos offer a great variety of promos for beginners and avid gamers alike. No deposit bonuses are free money given by a casino for customers to test the waters without risking a single penny. If you want to learn more about these and other rewards, go online and get started.