Live social casino – How does it work?

Live social casino - How does it work?

In recent years, you can hardly see a person who does not have an account on one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Aside from posting pictures and chatting with your friends and relatives, you can also enjoy the thrills and fun that social gambling has to offer you. Social casinos are a great way, e.g, to enjoy your holiday with your family while listening to your favourite programs.

To provide social media users with a more interactive and entertaining social gaming experience, most social media game providers have come up with new gaming products, and live social casino is one of them. The live social casino allows players to have the feel of a real live casino experience. Just like most live casinos available on casino sites, you can also interact with other players and the live dealer in charge of the game.

  • The games available on the live social casino are played in real-time.
  • It’s great for players to practice this type of game before playing in a real live casino.

How does live social casino work?

Most times it is highly recommended that you understand how a thing works before you start using it. Like online live casinos, the games available on the live social casino are streamed in real-time. With the use of the social casino app, bettors can enjoy casino games with real live dealers for free and also chat with other players. A live social casino does not offer real money wagering and you can’t win any actual prize.

Live social casino providers

Vivo Gaming was the first gaming company to offer live social casino games. Being a live casino games developer, the company offers social gaming providers with its products. These gaming products include Live Blackjack Early Payout, Live American Roulette, Live Baccarat and Live European Roulette. Vivo Gaming has partnered with Facebook to provide players with a real live casino experience. Another incredible live dealer gaming provider is Visionary Gaming. You can enjoy these live games anywhere.

Why do people play live social casino games?

The reasons why people play live social casino games depends on individual preferences. One can play live social casino games just to have fun and catch some exciting experience with friends and family. Also, you can play live social casino games if you are new to the genre and you want to practice it before playing at real live online casinos with your bankroll. It will help you understand the way the live casino works.

Who can play?

Anybody who has access to the internet and is registered on any of the social networks that offer this service can enjoy social gambling. The most interesting part is that most games available on the live social casinos are free. You don’t need to wager your real money, but keep in mind that you also can’t win actual prizes. People can connect with other players across the globe to make the game more competitive and interactive


Social casino playing has gained increasing popularity among social media users who want to enjoy betting in casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Slots and many more. However, to provide players with an interactive and fun-filled experience while playing on social media, the live social casino was introduced. This gives a player the feeling of a real live casino experience. With the live social casino, bettors can play with a live dealer and interact with other players.

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