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Times have changed. We don’t drop by people’s houses every other day. If anything, we are forced to squeeze in time between tight schedules to catch up with family or friends over lunch and dinner.

In place of what our parents and grandparents had, we have social platforms. They take care of most of our social needs from catching up with everyone, keeping abreast of breaking and ongoing news, to finding soulmates. Some of the best casinos today are social casinos where you can hang out and have a good time and we really recommend that you try it out. It’s especially neat to play live where you get to interact with another person while having a lot of fun.

And, from the 90s, they started bringing the fun part of casinos to our living rooms. You don’t have to go to the casino to play a game. Live social casino has you covered.

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live social casino

Live social casinos:


100% up to 1500$ with free spins


100% up to 1500$ with free spins

What is a Social Casino?

what is a social casinoNow, besides sharing photos, thoughts, and breaking news with your circle of friends, you can also have fun gambling socially. But wait… we need to define social casino, explain what it is, and what it’s not.

Based on our live social casino review, experts’ definitions and, of course, what we know, social casino games are the free-to-play online games including bingo, slots, blackjack, and the likes. You just install it on your smartphone or open it on platforms like Facebook and play by yourself or with friends. You can also make friends out of the strangers you challenge when playing online.

Every game that looks like a casino game, though, is not necessarily a social casino. It needs to have free coins and the social aspect to give it the live casino social feel to it. You can get coins or bonuses from playing the games, spinning and dealing every hour, on a daily basis, and level up.

While there are several of these “casino-like” games, real social casino games are different in the sense that they are a reflection of the casino games you find on casino floors. In short, you get versions of the real games, characters, and the casino experience you expect.

Where to Find Live Social Casino Games

If you want the real deal, consider social casinos from the good old casinos. Oftentimes, they commission web gurus who also happen to be casino enthusiasts and therefore understand the best of both the tech and gambling worlds. Keeping with the times, these old casinos seek to cater to the need for the digital version of their tried, tested, and adored casino experience. However, some digital companies have also succeeded in coming up with apps that simulate the real experience casino customers seek. This includes the games, the casino environment, and the vibes that impress discerning casino players. Their only undoing is:

  • No real money
  • Few games
  • Lack of real competition

Geographical popularity

Social casino is an up and coming gameplay throughout the world, You can play everywhere from USA and Canada to Germany or Japan. In the middle east you will find a variety of online casino kuwait on this link as well.

Why Live Social Casinos are Popular

For one, live social casinos are free. While it can be hard to find free casino games, some of the most popular (or classic) games are available on social platforms. They include blackjack, slots, poker, and lottery. While you will not make any real money playing socially, it’s good practice for the real game or acquainting yourself with the ins and outs of a given game before paying to play. Live social casinos are, however, more popular because they allow players to interact with friends or new connections through shared online casino games. People love it because it’s fun.

Our handpicked social online casino

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100% up to 1500$ with free spins

doublestar casino

100% up to 1500$ with free spins

Are Live Social Casinos Worth It?

Although live social casinos have been around for a while now, few players know about them. Players who are used to playing for, or winning real money at, the good old casinos find social casinos less interesting. If you are not playing to enjoy the games, you will be disappointed. This is because even if you win, there’s no way for you to convert your coins into real money. You only get bragging rights. However, knowing it’s not that easy to hit the jackpot in real life either, why not play for fun, free of charge, with opponents of your choice, and from the comfort of home?

Some companies are doing a great job coming up with games that mimic the real casino experience. Big gaming hubs are changing the game. You have the chance to play slots online, enjoy classic games, and scratch cards for free. All you have to do is download the apps on your smartphone. You no longer need to walk into an actual casino. You can acquaint yourself with casinos without spending money first. Once you get the hang of it, try the real thing. If you are a more experienced player, you also have the opportunity to pass time doing what you love. So, yes, it’s worth it.

The Future of Live Social Casinos Against their Cons

That said, there are not so many social casino slot machines. Investors are yet to invest heavily in the social gambling sphere. Most of the slot games out there have been developed by independent web developers. Some are great, but most are copycats— the same games with small variations. You don’t get the variety you find in real-life casinos. The other con is the fact that you don’t win real money. It kills the morale most players display when playing for money. The “money” you win can only buy virtual stuff. However, experts foresee social casinos being monetized in the future and that will change everything.

With gambling companies looking to turn things around from ‘only social’ to ‘real gambling’, the future is bright. A company already tried introducing the money aspect of casino games into the social casino. It didn’t work out well, but if the industry continues on the trajectory it is on, this is the future. There is also a chance that live social casinos will, eventually, be of value to businesses in terms of advertising. The social gambling industry is still relatively new in the digital space but as with everything, it’s always a matter of time before future interrupts present.


Live social casinos are available to players on particular social platforms. Like the real online casino games, they are streamed live, through web apps. Time has not yet come to make money off of live social casinos, but at the moment, the fun and convenience they bring is worth it. It’s a busy world but unlike before when you had to wait to go to a brick-and-mortar casino, live social casinos makes it easier – especially if you’re more interested in the entertainment part. If anything, it’s free. What are your thoughts on live social casino? Let us know in the comment section…

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